Posted by: JennyLena | March 7, 2008

My new header…

Yeyee…i got my new header today. Thanks to si Biru…if you are still single, i will Mwaahh !! u… ūüėÄ and its all for free hehehe…So, basically i am lucky. And i must tell you that from now onwards, i¬†will¬†be¬†a lucky person in everything. Everything come on my way…( Thank you, God! )

Posted by: JennyLena | February 26, 2008

My Wish

If only i could tell you
How much i wanted to see you
I would…
If only i could see you
I would hug you tightly and
feel you
very close to me
If only i could hug you tightly
I would never let you go away
But stay with me
If only i could do those things
and whisper in your ears
How much i miss you !!
If only….

Posted by: JennyLena | September 21, 2007


I read somewhere about this prayer and its kind of tickling. Read this and see if it can make you smile..

Dear God,

Please make me slim. If you cannot make me slim, make my¬†friends fat…


Posted by: JennyLena | September 18, 2007

Thanks God August is over…

Well its really been a relieve that Aug is over…peak season is over and now have plenty of time to catch up.¬† I am far lagging behind…

Reports to be prepared, a system to be developed…etc¬† Anyway, this month is over i will be back on track, again. soon…


Posted by: JennyLena | August 7, 2007

Aishwarya in another life…


Aishwarya…the name we gave to¬†this beautiful local female cat. She has big eyes…

It is not known who is the owner of this cat. Out of nowhere she came and now has become the permanent resident of the house next door.

Now she regularly come to my house and befriend with my male cat though few times my male cat trying to mate her but to no avail. 

She must be thinking that this male cat is no comparison to her male siamese cat .lol…


A mixture bred of siamese male cat and local female cat. This kitten has legally become one of the resident next door.

Posted by: JennyLena | August 6, 2007

My hyperactive male cat…

muk2 deep in sleep.jpg deeply asleep with opened mouth..

 Last two nites i realised he has really grown up to be adult when i caught him trying to mate with one female cat who is older than him. Few times gave birth in fact.

This cat which i used to call Ah Mey is being called Muk2 by my sista as he used to be so fat (gemuk) before. He ate and ate. A dirty stray cat which i rescued in one rainy morning Sept last year (2006) near rubbish bin has grown up and¬†is ¬†hyperactive. What he did was play, play and play…from the other end to the other end he will run and climb up the grill of our door. climb up very high that he himself cannot come down..again he has to be rescued so there was i climbing up¬†the grill and take him down. What funny cat…

He sleep on the cushion, on iron board, on the mattress and even sleep with pillow and with so many style. A style mylo cat…only that he never wash or brush his mouth.. muahhahhehehe. It was smelly…

I used to feed him whiskas, frikies even sardines before and he has grown up never really like eating food like plain rice or vegetables. Only likes something smell meat or sardines..and yeah..he has trauma with water..hmm..i can assume that since he hates water when i bath him. He struggle to be free and make his cry whenever i bath him.

¬†hmm…very funny cat

Posted by: JennyLena | August 3, 2007

Finally i found you…

This is blue..the color of serenity and now finally i found you. a place to detox hehe…get rid of all the toxic and black aura which¬†emanates and could even burn others…

Its the beginning of a ¬†hectic period. loads of payment to make,¬†closing accounts, and now to adjust previous inv need to do this do that etc etc…there¬†are so many things to do i wish i have more than 6 hands to do all these things and catch up. Arrghh…i am far behind and the person i m responsible to report to is grumbling.

and now here i am seated facing my monitor and feeling bored. 

Well actually before i can proceed more, thanks to my friend Si Biru for intro¬†to this web..Si Biru got blue kelisa and everything he likes in blue. Wedding card invitation blue, name card also blue… font color also blue. Tak perasan pula…this blue is for the sea, for the mountains, for the sky¬†and for everything gila2 ok.

Eh ok…gotta go.ciao miau miau